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Fire Services

Harrison County Fire Rescue is a progressive all-hazards combination department, serving the second largest county in Mississippi. Harrison County Fire Rescue is comprised of the Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief and Three Battalion Chiefs. Harrison is comprised of 65 firefighters who work closely with over fifty volunteers. The department covers over four hundred and seventy square miles, protecting 65,000 plus residents. The department responds to over 5,000 calls for service a year out of 14 fire stations strategically located throughout Harrison County. Harrison County Fire & Rescue operates a fleet of 14 Class A Engines, 3 Reserve Engines, 13 Tenders, 1 Squad (Rescue), 3 Brush Trucks, 4 command vehicles, 2 air trailers and 1 UTV EMS unit.

For many decades volunteer firefighters have provided critical lifesaving services to the residents of Harrison County. These selfless citizen servants saved countless lives and property.

Over the past 10 years, Harrison County has seen a tremendous increase in population, rapid building and development. This has produced a doubling in the calls for service from Harrison County Fire Rescue. The Harrison County Board of Supervisors supports the fire department's mission through the budget and allowing the hiring of additional personal to staff fire stations twenty-four hours a day. These enhancements within the fire department have resulted in the reduction of fire ratings throughout Harrison County.

Today, Harrison County Firefighters face emergencies that are more complex and dangerous than in the past. The type of materials in modern construction produces more chemicals and higher temperatures, meaning that the firefighters face greater risk at every fire. Another issue, in that the new vehicles on the roads today are designed and built to keep the occupants safe but produce added challenges for firefighters trying to extricate victims from accidents. These issues require the department to continually advance with skills and methods.

The Harrison County Fire Rescue is heavily involved in the emergency medical response. With Harrison County Fire Stations being strategically located throughout the county the response time to life-threatening medical emergencies is reduced. Harrison County Fire Rescue is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) department employing numerous Advanced EMTs and Paramedics.

Harrison County Fire Rescue has many specialty positions to include: Fire Prevention, Education and Arson Investigations, Dive Rescue Specialist, Search and Rescue Technicians, UAV Certified Pilots, Hazardous Materials Technicians, Technical Rescue Specialist, and Tactical Medics.

Harrison County Fire Rescue continues to utilize the latest technology to enhance department operations. The department utilizes Active911 for rapid alerting of emergencies, First Arriving (Digital Dash Board) in all stations to enhance inter-departmental communication and call notification, Aladtec utilized for electronic staffing notification. These programs have increased the efficiency of Harrison County Fire Rescue.

Training is a fundamental element to the success of our operation. Harrison County Fire Rescue utilizes several training methods, which include Target Solutions online training, Mississippi State Fire Academy, American Medical Response EMS continuing education, and Shift based training, to name a few.

In addition to emergency duties, career firefighters also do some non-emergency activities. They perform inspections, pre-incident planning, fire prevention activities, along with making sure all trucks and equipment are in good working condition and ready to respond at a moment's notice. They are responsible for the testing that has to be done on hydrants, hose, personal protective equipment (PPE), and pump. All of these activities are documented in the State reporting system (Fire Bridge). Harrison County Fire Rescue's activities and actions have resulted in a significant reduction of the fire ratings across Harrison County. These reductions have resulted in savings on insurance for its citizens.

The Harrison County Fire & Rescue's mission is to save lives and protect property.

In ending, remember, "WHEN YOU NEED US - WE WILL BE THERE!"

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