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Mosquito Control
The primary mission of the Mosquito Control Department is to provide mosquito control to all populated areas of Harrison County. Additionally, the department conducts an ongoing mosquito-borne disease surveillance program and as time and resources permit, provides assistance to residents in horse fly, deer fly, and sand fly "no seeums" control. We also provide house fly and stable fly control to the County Fairgrounds.

The department conducts regular mosquito control practices during the active mosquito season which runs from March into December each year. This program consists of night spraying (fogging) using vehicle mounted mosquito spray units known as U.L.V. machines. These machines are state-of-the-art mosquito control equipment that have replaced the old thermal fog units (smoke generators). We also respond to service requests (complaint calls)
by visiting the specific locations to check for mosquito breeding on and around the premises. Ditches and rain-pools are also treated for the "wiggler" stage of the mosquito by the day crew.

The response time to complaint calls is always met within (2) working days and usually the same day. We also spray for special events such as recreational activities, outdoor church functions and other community and public gatherings.

Judicial District 1 - 1801 23rd Ave Gulfport, MS 39501
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