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Millage Rates - Property and Assessment
Harrison County is divided into over 30 seperate taxing districts. "Z" districts have special industry exceptions. Revenues from all taxing districts provide a majority of funds for the operation of our municipalities, schools, and county government.
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Property Millage Rates for the Fiscal Year 2014/2015
Tax Dist.DescriptonCountyCitySchoolTotal
ACounty School District43.930.0055.5899.51
BBiloxi - Inside36.2330.1043.37109.70
BACounty School District - 2nd Judicial District36.2330.1055.58121.91
BBCounty School District - 2nd Judicial District36.2330.1055.58121.91
BCCounty School District - 2nd Judicial District36.2330.1055.58121.91
BDCounty School District - 1st Judicial District36.2330.1055.58121.91
BOCounty School District - 1st Judicial District36.2330.1055.58121.91
DCCity of DIberville Water/Sewer36.2328.6355.58120.44
DDCity of DIberville Water/Sewer 1st District36.2328.6355.58120.44
DWCity of DIberville Water/Sewer - County Schools36.2328.6355.58120.44
DWWCity of DIberville Water/Sewer - County Schools36.2328.6355.58120.44
ECounty School District43.930.0055.5899.51
EWCounty School District Water/Sewer47.430.0055.58103.01
GGulfport - Inside36.2334.0064.85135.08
GOGulfport - County School District36.2334.0055.58125.81
ILong Beach - Outside43.930.0058.67102.60
IWLong Beach - Outside Water/Sewer47.430.0058.67106.10
JLong Beach - Outside43.930.0058.67102.60
JWLong Beach - Outside Water/Sewer47.430.0058.67106.10
KCounty School District43.930.0055.5899.51
KWCounty School District and Water/Sewer47.430.0055.58103.01
KWCCounty School District and Water/Sewer47.430.0055.58103.01
KWGCounty School District and Water/Sewer43.930.0055.5899.51
LLong Beach - Inside36.2348.9858.67143.88
MCounty School District43.930.0055.5899.51
MWCounty School District and Water/Sewer43.930.0055.5899.51
MWWCounty School District47.930.0055.58103.51
OCounty School District (Outside Hospital District)43.930.0055.5899.51
OWWCounty School District47.930.0055.58103.51
PPass Christian - Inside36.2348.4658.80143.49
QPass Christian - Outside43.930.0058.80102.73
QWPass Christian - Outside PC/HP Isles W/S47.430.0058.80106.23
RWPass Christian - Outside West Harrison45.930.0058.80104.73
WOCounty School District - DIberville Water/Sewer49.280.0055.58104.86
WWCounty School District - DIberville Water/Sewer49.280.0055.58104.86
YSpecial Exemption0.
ZBSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0043.3749.03
ZBASpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZDWSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZEWSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZGSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0064.8570.51
ZGOSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZISpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0058.6764.33
ZKWSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZLSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0058.6764.33
ZMSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0055.5861.24
ZPSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0058.8064.46
ZQSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0058.8064.46
ZRSpecial Industrial Exemptions5.660.0054.6960.35

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