Harrison County - Tropical Storm Zeta Information
News and Press Releases
Shelters To Remain Open

The following Harrison County storm shelters will remain open:

* County Farm Road 361 Shelter
15038 County Farm Road in Gulfport

* Saucier Lizana Road 361 Shelter
23771 Saucier Lizana Road in Saucier

The shelters are open for those who have storm-damaged homes or who need a place to stay as colder temperatures are expected in Harrison County.

Masks will be required at the shelters under the latest executive order from Gov. Tate Reeves.
Coast Transit Authority will provide transportation to and from the shelters. Please call 228-896-8080 to arrange transportation with CTA.

Here are some guidelines on what to bring and not bring to the Harrison County shelters.

Do Bring:
Prescriptions and any other emergency medications
Extra clothing, pillows, hygiene supplies and other comfort items
Your child's stuffed animal
Blanket or other "lovey"
Your emergency kit
Hand sanitizer
Foods that meet your dietary requirements
Important personal documents
Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers, formula, and toys
Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled
Chargers for any electronic devices you bring with you
Books, games, and other ways to entertain your family and yourself

Don't Bring:
Alcoholic beverages
Illegal drugs

What about pets?
Please make arrangements for your pet before coming to the shelter.

There are some hotels in Harrison County that will accept pets. A list of those hotels can be found at https://www.gulfcoast.org/.